Table Talk Marketing placemats are completely free, because the adverting pays for the mat - just like when someone advertises in the local shopper. The shopper is free to readers: The advertiser sponsors it!

Your placemat will boldly feature your restaurants name in the center spot assuring you increased name recognition among your customers. Our friendly account representatives will offer remaining advertising space to non-competing local businesses. The mat program is a proven method of connecting your fine restaurant with merchants and patrons in the local community.

We have games and puzzles on all of our mats for the little kid in all of us.

We have several colors available to choose from, always on whiteor ivory paper, which is soft on the eyes. The basic "run" is of 5000 mats. We can provide laminated mats also - just ask!!

We can also print more at anytime for a small cost to you if you use a large amount of mats (more than 5000 in 3-5 months) if so do not hesitate to contact us at (217)824-7400 and we might even be able to provide additional mats at no cost, depending on your area and circumstance or you can use your own mats temporarily between shipments if you run short, this way we never have to charge you anything.

We will print up to three times a year and under the condition that we have advertisers in your area.

You can feature your logo, take out #, a special, or even a coupon (limit 1per run on placemats) in the center at no charge to you. The space is yours, and is always free to you.

There are never advertisers of questionable taste - They are always local, family oriented businesses, and never other restaurants that might be in competition with you.

Our experienced lay-out department, uses the latest in computerized graphics equipment and duplicators in order to provide the business sponsors with an expertly designed and printed product. We can duplicate logos, newspaper ads or create most all desired images.

After we have a signed contract stating everything in writing, showing that there will never be a charge to you and that you will simply use the mats accordingly either on your tables or trays and we get your information for the featured center, we start calling advertisers. We get all their information, do their layouts, then start the printing process. This normally takes from 6-10 weeks from start to ship.

Your restaurant will then be shipped 5,000 specialty placemats by UPS or hand delivered by our representative, if available. There are no printing or shipping charges to you! All you have to do is sign for the shipment and start enjoying them!

We want the restaurants to make sure the placemats are being used in their entirety, because your local businesses, who advertise, are good customers and pay for the privilege to be seen at your establishment and are placing faith in you as a respectable restaurant!

Finally, it is always a good idea to tell employees and partners of your restaurant that you are having us do the placemats for you. That way everyone is aware, and knows the mats will be out soon for you to distribute!

All that is required is that you serve your customers on our specialty placemats as agreed. Please call us at (217)824-7400 and reserve your FREE MATS NOW!

Table Talk Marketing

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