If you run a business you know that everything cannot be perfect at all times, and though we strive for this, mistakes can and will happen.

We guarantee that if there is a problem with your ad we will fix the problem before the next print run, and we will issue a discount on your next ad run according to the severity of the mistake, please note there are no refunds at any time, no exceptions!. Please contact us either by phone at (217)824-7400 or email us at submityourad@tabletalkmarketing.com so we can make the corrections in our computer systems and place your discounted coupon on file.

We also guarantee that if an unforseen problem arises with a restaurant, we will replace your ad on another restaurant in a location near by.

All of our restaurants sign a contract stating that in order to receive the free mats that they must use them either on their tables or on their trays accordingly.

We understand that without our wonderful customers Table Talk Marketing would not be as successful as it is today.

Thank You and God Bless, Eric & Jennifer Stillwell
Table Talk Marketing Guarantee!

Please do not get upset or worry, you will be taken care of!