Placemat Ads WORK!!!

Please consider this unique method to present your company to prospective customers.

Your placemat message will be on the restaurant tables before a minimum of 5000 viewers throughout the programs duration, putting you directly in front of your customers for 3-5 months at a time!

Your placemat ad will be in front of your audience for up to 20 minutes per mat .

What would a similar time on radio or television cost?

A restaurants' natural, warm environment is the perfect place to reach out to consumers who have disposable income. They will remember the dining experience & they will remember your message!

Each placemat printing gives you the option of appearing with other sponsors, or you may reserve an entire placemat "WHOLE FRONT or Mini-billboard" with no additional advertisers.

Our state of the art graphic design and layout department will lay your ad out at no additional charge to you. Whether you have existing art work or an individualized design, our professional staff is prepared to tailor your ad to your specific needs.

If you want to make a lasting impression on your target audience, the specialty placemat is your best advertising alternative.

Our program is committed to the creation of a visual environment that's right for your customers and prospects. If you have any questions, please call us. (217)824-7400 and we will be happy to work out a advertising strategy that is right for you

We hope that you will consider advertising with us and find out for yourself that it WORKS!

Thank You and God Bless,  Sales Team

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Facts about Advertising


Attention: Business Owners

Studies prove that to maintain the strongest link with your customers, it is necessary to keep your name in front of them repeatedly over a long period. Furthermore, studies prove it takes up to 6 times of seeing or hearing an advertisement before a new customer will visit your business.

FACT: 69% of newspaper advertisers report little to no noticeable results from display advertising (ads larger than 1" x 1"). 77% of business owners report advertising on television and radio with NO noticeable results, at an average expense of $1,300/month.

"We run 2 other businesses (a Disc Jockey Service and a Limousine Service, neither having a store-front) and have tried newspaper, radio, TV and even billboard advertising. We've found that placemat advertising brought more results than all of these methods combined – and at nowhere near the expense."


FACT: According to NEWSWEEK MEDIA Magazine, 48% of television viewers leave the room when commercials come on. Of the viewers who remain, 82% are "inattentive".

76% of readers claimed to remember advertising on placemats, compared to only 64% of newspaper readers who claimed to have "skimmed the ads".

"We see the newspaper every day, but once you see our mats, you'll never forget them, they all have games or puzzles on them for the little kid in us."


FACT: 89% of customers who dine out at restaurants report an annual income of $35,000/year or higher. Placemat advertising can feature your business in front of 5,000 of these people for less than a few pennies per ad or you can have a larger size ad and be noticed FIRST!!

"We’ve been advertising on placemats for numerous years. We love knowing that people with fair to middle incomes are seeing our ads. This is the type of audience to whom we count on to be our customers."


FACT: 84% of advertisers RENEW their ads Every 3-5 months because of successful results.

When advertising with Table Talk Marketing, the original advertisers have the first choice of renewal.